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Can Taylor Swift Influence European Elections?

With a couple of European elections coming up in June, Taylor Swift has the power to get young Europeans to vote. It seems within the means, says the European Commission Vice President, Margaritis Schinas. In the words of the vice president, according to POLITICO Europe, “No one can mobilize youth better than young people.” Schinas said, “It’s young people who can mobilize young people to participate, more than commissioners.” Schinas continued with, “I very much hope that someone from her media team follows this press conference and relays our request to her.” And, hopefully, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year can do just that, as Swift’s European tour is just ahead of election time. 

In the past, Taylor Swift rallying young voters has worked. Just last September, Swift encouraged her 272 million Instagram followers to register to vote. In just hours, the main voting registration site,, received 35,000 registrations. This is a 23-percent jump from the year prior. Though, it is the two-decade career that has left Swift entangled in US politics. She is the center of the eternal culture war. Even after numerous attempts to stay out, Swift wants to continue the conversation, especially in the new realm of European politics. 

As Schinas also states to POLITICO Europe, getting young people to get out to vote is crucial for democracy. Swift has the potential to help the EU by doing just that. Swift will perform in Paris on May 9th for the start of the European leg of her popular Eras Tour. Or, in other words, the day known as Europe Day. The question is if Swift’s influence will work or not. It’s asked in the major hopes that it will try to bring down Europe’s far right. With time only to tell, it will be interesting to see if the commission’s plan works or not.

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