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Camila Cabello Announces “Familia Welcome to the Family”

eHispanic pop star Camilla Cabello has announced something big over Twitter. On April 7th at 7PM EST, there’ll be a live virtual concert on TikTok. The concert celebrates the release of “Familia.” This will be her third studio album. Cabello has stated that she’s already filmed the concert and can’t wait for her fans reactions. 


This is following the release of her second album “Romance,”  now a time capsule described as “sounding like what falling in love feels like.” Releasing Swingin’ singles “Don’t Go Yet” and “Oh Na Na.” The collaboration between her and Ed Sheeran, resulting in the sincere hit with an undertone of melancholy “Bam Bam” has propped her as a chef who’s been in the kitchen for a while. With the hype Cabello’s generating, “Familia” has got fans excited to hear what she’ll dish out in the coming weeks. Her upcoming work, as Cabello describes, will contain new perspective on things never tackled and will harken back to her childhood and heritage as a Cuban-Mexican.

If you miss the initial stream, don’t worry. There’ll be a rebroadcasting the following day at the same time. Follow her TikTok account to stay posted; and for more news on the latest, check out our Drops section!

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