Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray Team Up for ‘Luxury Life’

On Friday, September 8th, Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray released their new joint single, “Luxury Life.” The song is produced by Swizz Beatz and premieres with a music video directed by Benny Boom.

Both Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray shared a teaser trailer of the upcoming song. The brief glimpse at the trailer showed fans what looked like an homage to the iconic Quentin Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction. Leray and Rhymes are seen in a diner during a heist gone wrong, a scenario Tarantino fans know well.

The music video isn’t the only homage fans are excited about. The single samples JAY-Z’s “Ain’t No N****,” which was a massive hit in 1996. Clearly, the single’s influence extends long past the 90s. That song also contains a sample, utilizing The Whole Darn Family’s “Seven Minutes of Funk.” Thus continues the tradition of layered samples, with 21st-century songs leaning on the hip-hop boom of the 90s, a decade that itself looked back to the funk heyday of the 70s.

Rhymes and Leray collaborated previously. They worked together for the remix of “Players,” which sampled Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s “The Message.”

Busta Rhymes and Coi Leray’s Solo Work

Busta Rhymes is a long-time staple of rap and a music icon in general. As for the newcomer Coi Leray, she’s recently released her Blue Moon EP. The EP features five songs, including “Wicked Butterflies,” “Isabel Marant,” and “Liquor and Weed.”

According to Elaina Bernstein at Hypebeast, Leray said this regarding the release: “This EP, I get vulnerable. I got tired of ‘trying’ new things and wanted to just do what I do BEST. I have a hard time with telling my story because I get wrapped up in the media narratives. However, music is the best way for me to tell it. Sorry, I can’t argue with y’all on the internet all day.”

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