Bowling For Soup Question Growing Up – Alongside Puppets

If you didn’t think Bowling For Soup could do no wrong, think again. These Texas-based punk rockers always come out on top with even funnier, even more rocking music than before. Their latest single puts that on full display yet again.


Fun: That’s What Bowling For Soup Is All About

For over 25 years, Bowling For Soup has made it their mission to have fun making music. Not only have they done that flawlessly, but they have brought true entertainment to the lives of their fans along the way. Punk rock hasn’t been the same since Bowling For Soup got their start in 1994.


Since they shot up on the scene in the early nineties, punk has gone from one of the most angst-filled genres of music, to one of the most (purposefully) comical.  Clever, satirical lyrics backed by genuinely good instrumentation and memorable vocals has shaped the genre we know today.


Their latest single, “Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It),” proves just that. With silly, but poignant lyrics and a truly mesmerizing music video, this single is everything. We can’t help but love the pop punk stylings of Bowling for Soup. We’re lucky that in 2021 they are still putting out some of their best work to date.


Hit After Hit

“Growing Up Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)” is Bowling For Soup questioning their youth. While they haven’t really grown up – as immaturity fills their personalities – they have gotten older. So maybe they’re a bit out of touch with Gen Z, but so what? And maybe they aren’t carefree youngsters anymore, but so what?  Bowling For Soup is going to rock out at any age. They can be youthgul, they can be fun, and they can be punk rock regardless of the generation they’re part of.


Bowling For Soup’s ever iconic lyricism scales on full display here. They poke fun at millennials, question Gen Z, and even reference the video streaming platform TikTok. All the while, the music video shows the band as muppets. Yes, a band questioning growing up is being depicted as fictional puppets. If that doesn’t show you who Bowling For Soup is, we don’t know what will. 


These middle-aged puppets are performing on stage, living their best middle-aged rockstar lives. It can be assumed that they are mimicking that of the actual Bowling For Soup guys. The amusement factor is off the charts, but the rockstar factor is even more evident. After all this time, no matter what their age, genre, or demographic is, this punk band is one of the best. 


Although, we can’t forget the slew of hits this group has released over the course of their career. Most notably, their songs “1985” and “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” are still pop punk staples. They also cemented their place in rock as true entertainers with hits like “Almost” and “High School Never Ends.” Now, they can add “Growing Up Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)” to their repertoire. Like everything else, it’s a punk rock song that tells a story to garage band guitars and hysterically honest lyrics.

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