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Blue Water Highway drops ‘Sign Language’ with Album Soon

“It’s Been A Long Year” and Blue Water Highway is coming out of it with new music. After two years of a few singles released, the Texas native band has something in store in the coming months.

Blue Water Highway has shared their new single “Sign Language,” from the upcoming album Paper Airplanes, dropping March 12. The dreamy track is a mix of indie rock and country to create an old-school harmony.

Blue Water’s Single

Lead musician of Blue Water Highway, Zack Kibodeaux, describes themes behind “Sign Language,” as “two people can get into silly fights because they’re not seeing eye to eye. So they develop their own language to communicate. I think that’s an important message: How we can bond together when the world is falling apart.”

Vocalist Kibodeaux and Catherine Clarke come together perfect, as guitarist Greg Essington and bassist Kyle Smith back them up. The band creates a catchy story about love and its challenges.

Zack continues, “It was mixing organic sounds of the country with sounds of the modern world. We achieved that with acoustic instruments and natural vocal harmonies, mixed with analog synthesizers and electric guitars.”

“Lyrically, we were going for something similar, holding fast to timeless values of love and communication, while the world outside is rapidly changing and sometimes feeling more isolating and disconnected.”

Leading Up to Release

Blue Water Highway released two full-length studio albums: 2015’s Things We Carry and 2018’s Heartbreak City which includes the hit “Evangeline“.

Their upcoming album, Paper Airplanes, will be released in March 2021. It features beautiful melodies with lyrical themes of childhood wonder and re-enchantment on singles “All Will Be Well,” and “Dog Days.

Blue Water Highway’s indie folk-rock sound will heard on March 12, when Paper Airplanes comes out. Until then, the band has released four singles that will all be featured in the 2021 project.

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