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Blanco, “Blu Celeste”: After Maneskin, Can He Be The Next Big Discovery?

The precocity of some new gen artists is something now more diffuse than the past. What’s unbelievable is mainly the music maturity of these kids, maturity that hardly comes out at 20 years old already. BLANCO, class of ’03, is one of these special cases, a new lucid gem for Italian music.

The young singer is the protagonist of an unbelievable escalation started this summer. With his strange nature, BLANCO has already conquested the Italian public with a mix of lyrics and sound, but also with the power of his character.

Important numbers

Numbers are important, so let’s talk about them. More than 180 millions of clicks with only 3 songs, “Notti in bianco,” “MI FAI IMPAZZIRE and “LA CANZONE NOSTRA,” and others that are coming with the new album “Blu Celeste.” BLANCO, with only one year of releases, is currently one of the stronger artists in Italy, maybe not the strongest, but surely on the podium. What more could he now add to his career? Well, we have only one word to reply to this: WORLD.

We all know that it’s tough for an european artist to achieve the top positions and replace the most popular Americans. But I think that, lately, the Maneskin’s case has opened a new perspective for the future. Maybe BLANCO won’t be that name, the right name, but never say never. It’s all about fate, luck and, obviously, talent. The 18 years old singer now  has the latest thing we were talking about, the future will pronounce the last word.

Inedits and influences of “Blu Celeste”

New album “Blu Celeste” contains some already released tracks, but also 9 inedits. Among these, “Lucciole,” “Finché Non Mi Seppelliscono,” “Pornografia (Bianco Paradiso),” “David” and “Afrodite” deserve a particular mention. The project is divided in 2 parts, with the firsts tracks that are just an introduction of the new BLANCO.

The guy knows how to make good music without losing the light of his creativity. Because of that, I personally think that his path will proceed in this direction, with other huge successes. Now it’s on him, BLANCO could really become something big in the next few years.

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