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Billie Eilish And YouTube Create ‘Bad Guy’ Loop

If you’re not sick of Billie Eilish’s bad guy yet, you’re not alone.

The global star’s hit song is still a fan favorite, in addition to the awards it has won. In honor of the original video for the track hitting one billion views on YouTube, Billie Eilish partnered with the platform to create a ‘Bad Guy’ loop .

That’s right, you can now listen to or watch “bad guy” by Billie Eilish in an interactive, continuous loop on a special YouTube Music site. The streaming platform created a specific URL just for the viewing of various versions of the song. In back-to-back rotation, fans can constantly watch “bad guy” videos, however not every version is hers. From fan covers to dance routines, YouTube is testing whether or not people will ever get tired of the many takes of alt-pop track.

‘Bad Guy’ Design and Technology

The futuristic website is complete with Billie’s signature brand in mind, most importantly the color green. Green has become Billie Eilish’s staple thanks to her lime green hair. Therefore, the website’s text appears in a matching shade of green.

Currently, the homepage pulls up a variety of YouTube thumbnails that will take you to a video that includes the track. There are countless videos of “bad guy” in addition to the original. YouTube gives users the freedom to differentiate what appears on the Billie Eilish ‘Bad Guy’ infinite loop. The different “bad guy” categories on the website include ASMR, animals, choirs, and more.

It’s clear that YouTube wanted the site to be interactive. Fans have the ability to section off what version of “bad guy” the website delivers to them. It also includes graphics found on Billie’s merchandise. The infinite video loop is the perfect conglomeration of multimedia and fan interaction.

The web experience is great for any fan who wants to celebrate the original video’s one billion views. YouTube Music put together an engaging website made for Billie Eilish fans. Check it out now!

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