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Avril Lavigne Announces Greatest Hits Tour with All Time Low & Simple Plan

For fans of 2000s punk-pop, Avril Lavigne is bringing her Greatest Hits Tour to your doorstep, flanked by two outstanding bands. This is a tour you don’t want to miss out on.

There’s Nothing Complicated About Avril Lavigne’s Greatest Hits Tour

Avril Lavigne has been an emo staple in many Gen Z and millennials’ upbringing. With hits like “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi,” she’s found her place in hundreds of thousands of Spotify playlists reminiscing on the times when pop-punk reigned supreme. As that era of music slipped away, she’s remained consistent and true to her sound. In her 2022 album Luv Sux, she collabed with artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker—an exciting moment of mixing old and new. But it seems she is ready to return to her roots one last time.

Starting this May, you can catch the punk princess on tour with All Time Low and Simple Plan. She will be playing all of her greatest songs—some of which haven’t been performed in over a decade. Debuting back in 2002 with her album, Let Go, there are over TWO decades worth of music to cover in this tour.

Tour dates for 2024 baby! I’ll be doing the Greatest Hits from all of my albums and along with some of your favorites, perhaps some special requests? And of course all of my friends are joining me!!!

@simpleplan – They toured with me on my very first tour, so its only fitting we are doing it again!

@alltimelow – My boys! We’ve been friends for a while now and have talked about trying to tour together for years, so glad we finally get to do it for real!

@royalandtheserpent and @girlfriends – two of my favorite artists that I can’t wait to bring out with me.

This is gonna be too much stupid fun celebrating my career with my friends and fans. Who’s coming???? What songs do you want to hear???

-@avrillavigne on Instagram

Avril’s latest collab, “Fake As Hell,” with All Time Low, dropped back in September of 2023. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s enlisting the band to tag along with her on this tour. Additionally, she will also be bringing along Simple Plan. Both bands have brought us iconic tracks such as “Dear Maria Count Me In” and “I’m Just A Kid.” You may recognize them from TikTok, or your own time jamming out to them in the early 2000s. Nonetheless, this is one stacked lineup that is a dream come true for some.

Avril Lavigne Greatest Hits Tour
Avril Lavigne Greatest Hits Tour

Tickets to the Greatest Hits Tour: Available Now!

Avril, All Time Low and Simple Plan used to dominate on the Van’s Warped Tour and continue to do so at the modern-day When We Were Young Fest. Now, they’ll have their own moments to shine on this year’s Greatest Hits tour. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, be sure to visit Ticketmaster and snag tix while you still can.

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