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Ava Max Unveils ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’

Pop superstar Ava Max just released her sophomore album, Diamonds & Dancefloors, on Friday.

Diamonds & Dancefloors Is Finally Here

The wait is over! After teasing her new era for MONTHS, and having to delay the release of her album three months, Ava Max’s new LP Diamonds & Dancefloors is finally here. The new project has a total of 14 songs. Some of those came out over the last couple of months – since April 2022 to be exact – which gave fans an idea of what to expect from the album.

The songs that were previously released are “Maybe You’re The Problem,” (the first teaser of the new era) “Million Dollar Baby,” “Weapons,” “Dancing’s Done,” “One Of Us,” and “Cold As Ice.” I know, you might be thinking: “Aren’t those too many songs to reveal prior to an album release?” And the answer is – maybe. Nevertheless, at least half of these songs were released in the very recent months, since Diamonds & Dancefloors was originally set for release in October. Due to having to push the release back, Ava decides to share a few more songs with her fans.

We Have Some Exciting New Songs

Now that Diamonds & Dancefloors is finally here, we can enjoy some new songs. Tracks like “Sleepwalker,” “Ghost,” “Dancing’s Done,” and, of course, “Diamonds & Dancefloors,” will make you dance along all night. Not one single song in the project has a slow pace, but many of them carry a strong message. 

On Friday, Ava took over to Instagram to share her excitement about Diamonds & Dancefloors being out. “This album came from a place of heartbreak but I’d rather dance my sorrows away. Avatars, Thank you for all of your endless support, let’s dance together.” (Avatars is the name that Ava assigned to her fans.)

The Album Cover Art Got Changed

Another fun fact about this album is that it was originally meant to have a different cover art. When Ava first made the announcement for Diamonds & Dancefloors back in June, it featured a picture of Ava’s face entirely surrounded by diamonds, even showcasing one in her mouth. Some fans didn’t love the cover art, and I guess Ava didn’t end up loving it either. The new cover art for Diamonds & Dancefloors highlights Ava in a beautiful silver bikini. She also lays down on an aqua-toned floor sparkling like diamonds. I have to say, I very much like this cover better. Good call, Ava!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give Ava’s album a listen!

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