Ashley Tisdale Hints at Possible New Music

Actress and singer-songwriter Ashley Tisdale talked about the possibility of getting back to making new music!

It’s Been Two Years Since We Last Heard New Music From Ashley

If you grew up watching Disney Channel, you probably hold a special place for Ashley Tisdale in your heart (whether it’s good or bad – after all, she played High School Musical’s villain Sharpay Evans!) But she did not only act in your favorite shows and movies, she has also released her own music!

Ashley’s last taste of solo music was 2020’s single “Lemons,” which followed her last studio album, 2019’s Symptoms. Before that, her prior studio album was 2009’s Guilty Pressure, so she made us wait a while for this.

Hopefully, we don’t have to wait until 2029 for a new album from the star. And we can keep our thoughts positive! In a recent appearance on the podcast The Blonde Files, with Arielle Lorre, Ashley talked about her plans to get back into the studio.

She’s Thinking of Getting Back Into Music & Acting!

While discussing her plans, Arielle mentioned that a fan had written in to say that Ashley should drop the unreleased songs from Symptoms. To this comment, she responded, “That’s amazing. So funny because I recently, I always do music when I’m obviously inspired and I recently reached out to the team of Symptoms, and I was just like, ‘You know guys, I’m really feeling inspired recently. We might go back into writing.”

But Ashley has not only been taking time off for herself, as she recently became a mom to her daughter Jupiter! In the interview, she talked about not feeling comfortable acting during the pandemic, hence why she took a break from that as well.

“Throughout the pandemic, I did not feel comfortable, obviously I was pregnant, so I was not wanting to act in anything, ’cause I was like, ‘I don’t feel comfortable with someone in my face.’ So I did take a step back from that side of things because I was just really more concerned for me and the baby, and my family. I had done some judging stuff which I felt comfortable doing, and then I started to work on products for Frenshe. At this point, I’ve also been developing a series for myself as well, so I’m getting ready to get back out there in acting, ’cause I definitely miss it so much.”

And we surely miss seeing her on our screens as well, so hopefully, she can get back into doing what she loves when she feels comfortable doing so. Until then, you can listen to Ashley’s bops from her last album and re-watch her Netflix show Merry Happy Whatever! 

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