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Anitta is a multi-talented Brazilian artist known for her pop hits and dancing abilities. She gained national recognition in 2013 with her debut single “Show das Poderosas” and has since released several albums and hit singles like “Bang” and “Medicina”. Anitta has collaborated with international artists and has also appeared on Brazilian TV shows and movies. She is also a coach on The Voice Mexico and a celebrated cultural icon in Brazil.

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TikTok In The Mix 2023

TikTok Takeover in Mesa: In The Mix with Niall Horan, Cardi B, Peso Pluma & More!

Taking place in Mesa, Arizona, TikTok’s live-streamed In The Mix event puts a bow on 2023 and concludes the year with iconic performances from all of your favorite artists and creators. Here’s what you missed. TikTok Delivers Live Music Straight To You Headlining the event were some major industry powerhouses: Cardi B, Niall Horan, Anitta, Peso Pluma, Renee Rapp and Charlie Puth. Moreover, the event also featured artists Isabel Larosa, Kaliii and Sam Barber. Available

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Peso Pluma and Anitta for "BELLAKEO"

Peso Pluma and Anitta Close Out 2023 with Collaborative Track ‘BELLAKEO’

Chart-topping Peso Pluma and Anitta have just dropped a new single and music video for their collaborative track, “BELLAKEO.” Peso Pluma Closes Out 2023 With “BELLAKEO” To begin, as Billboard’s 2023 Rookie of the Year, Peso Pluma has shaken up Latin music this year with hit after hit. With a few weeks left in the year, the Mexican-born singer is far from finished. Last week, the singer dropped a collaborative track with Brazilian artist, Anitta,

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Anitta "Mil Veces" cover art

Måneskin’s Damiano David Appears in Anitta’s New Video ‘Mil Veces’

“Mil Veces” is the new single by Anitta. Shortly after the song’s drop, the Brazilian pop star began to tease the release of the music video on her Instagram profile. However, the video hinted at the presence of a male co-protagonist whose identity was not initially revealed. It was only later that it was disclosed to be Damiano from Måneskin. The two had fun joking about the rumors circulating about a possible relationship between them.

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Anitta Funk Rave

Anitta Pays Homage to Her Brazilian Roots in “Funk Rave”

Anitta turns the page on her new chapter in music with her latest dance single, “Funk Rave.” After her recent split from Warner Music, Anitta’s since joined Republic Records- a change that comes with exciting news for fans. She’s marked the occasion with a single that is sure to get anyone who listens up and on their feet. If You Haven’t Already, Meet Anitta Born Larissa de Macedo Machado, Anitta is a Brazilian singer, songwriter,

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