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AQUIHAYAQUIHAY Show Different Emotions in New EP’s “:)” & “:(“

Mexican Anti-Boyband AQUIHAYAQUIHAY just dropped two EP’s at once. The EP’s are titled “:)” which pronounces “Feliz” and translates to “Happy”; and “:(“ pronounced “Triste” and translates to “Sad”. They represent the band’s different emotions that they go through every day of their lives.

AQUIHAYAQUIHAY are Signed by Steve Aoki!

The new band is conformed of five members from Mexico, and they all contribute to the band’s original sound. Their music distinguishes because they show a mix of their Latin roots, combined with trap and R&B. They just dropped the music video for “Pico Diagonal Tres (</3)” where they show us what they are really capable of doing.

Steve Aoki godfathered and signed the band last summer. They were the first artists to form part of Aoki’s new label. “AQUIHAYAQUIHAY are the real deal. Their ethos and approach toward creating music and content — and they capture what we’re trying to do here at Dim Mak En Fuego,” Aoki tells People. “I was blown away that this was coming out of Mexico. This could be revolutionary.”

He continued, “We are carving our own lane and not necessarily trying to compete with what is currently dominating mainstream,” he added about his label, Dim Mak En Fuego. “I think Latin music gives a feeling that the world can’t deny. Artists that are leading the charge are pushing the creative boundaries and creating something new and fresh for music fans and culture that crosses continents.”

How do the Band Members Describe Their Sound?

“We tried to experiment with the sounds and really define what AQUIHAYAQUIHAY is,” the band’s Zizzy explains. “On ‘:)’, we focused more on trap sound. And on ‘:(‘, we tap into the ’90s R&B sound we love. We want listeners to hear the duality of our artistry with this EP.”

Backing their boy band misnomer, the group prides itself in having formed organically. Now 5 members, the group started out as just Zizzy and Neqer before a fan of the duo, Jay-Lee, joined the group to make music. Soon after came Nehly, followed by “ray of light” Phynx.

“We ended up being in a studio, all of us working on our own projects, and in our free time we started making music together,” explains Neqer. “And we realized, ‘Oh, we sound great together. We should start a band!’”

And we’re glad they did! Make sure to listen to this new band with a fresh sound, AquiHayAquiHay, along with their new EP’s “:)” and “:(“ out now.

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