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almost monday “only wanna dance” With You

almost monday, an American indie pop trio, recently released their latest single, “only wanna dance” and it’s catching everyone by surprise as they discover it as an ad on Hulu!

almost monday and Hulu ads

The indie pop trio almost monday has been catching everyone’s attention lately, and it’s all thanks to the Hulu ads!

Based in San Diego, California, the band is made up of high school friends, according to Kala Herh at V Magazine. Dawson Daugherty is on the vocals, Luke Fabry plays the bass, and Cole Clisby rocks the guitar. almost monday have had only a handful of EPs and singles thus far. They started releasing music in 2020, and have since had two EPs and twelve singles.

In the YouTube comments under the official music video, many people have commented on how they discovered the song. From people commenting a day ago to people commenting from two weeks ago, the majority of listeners seem to have found this song from its Hulu ad. They commend the choice to make it a Hulu ad, as the method is clearly effective. The song just couldn’t seem to leave their heads, so the only logical choice was to look it up and listen to it in its entirety!

Take a look at the comments after watching the official music video below!

“only wanna dance”

“only wanna dance” is a catchy dance-pop song. The chorus is fairly repetitive, but it works.

‘Til the sun comes up
I only wanna dance with you
I only wanna dance with you
‘Til the sun comes up
I only wanna dance with you, ah
I only wanna dance with you, ah

Overall, almost monday’s song is fun, silly, and definitely danceable.

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