Allison Ponthier Drops “Late Bloomer”

Indie folk artist, Allison Ponthier recently dropped her new song “Late Bloomer” on October 15, 2021. She also released a visualizer video on Youtube of an 80s-like infomercial.

Allison Ponthier Drops “Late Bloomer” Visualizer

Ponthier’s newly released video shows a story of a flower puppet being advertised in what appears to be an infomercial from the 1980s or 90s.  For instance, this is what viewers are seeing in the thumbnail on the Youtube link. In addition, the flower contain various capabilities. It can skateboard, give tattoos, and sing karaoke. The flower is presumably the symbol for the late bloomer Ponthier addresses throughout this song.

Analysis on “Late Bloomer”

Ponthier’s new brief, upbeat tune expresses the narrative of someone finally feeling comfortable in their own skin. It sends out a message that it is better late than never to have confidence in yourself. For instance verse one states, “I never knew where to put my hands. Paralyzed and standin’ complete unadjusted. I took so long to understand, going through the emotions, a door I couldn’t open.” This is Ponthier’s way of saying that she did not know how to be confident for the longest time. However, she finally reached her goal to become the woman she had always wanted to be. As she later sings “Now that I’m awake it was worth the wait.”

Ponthier is a New Artist

Ponthier is new to the music industry. She released her first EP, “Faking my Own Death” just this year. She gained a bigger audience when she featured in Lord Huron’s track “I Lied” that was released this past April. The song has obtained over nine million streams on Spotify before “Late Bloomer” came out. The pair also performed at Lord Huron’s Long Lost tour on September 16 and 17 at NYC’s Rooftop at Pier 17.

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