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All Time Low Is So Sick Of “Modern Love”


Photo of All Time Low on the set of the music video for their single, Modern Love.
Photo on the set of the Modern Love music video (@alltimelow on Instagram)

            In a welcoming twist from typical love songs, All Time Low bashes the current dating world in their Valentine’s Day single, “Modern Love”. The song is a love-sick anthem that is full of catchy, dejected lyrics hidden between energetic keys and drums. Addressing the song’s romantic interest, Stacy, the chorus is a cry of frustration against the complications of modern love:

“Stacy, please, I’m suffocating / Choking on infatuation / You’re obsessed with drugs and dating / Modern love’s too complicated”

            It seems poor Stacy can’t catch a break. Between being a host of red flags and coming second place to her mom, she’s yet another casualty of modern love.

Love Has Taken Its Toll          

            “Modern Love” depicts the struggles of finding “the one” amidst a crowd of people who have fallen victim to the vicious cycle of love. If you’ve attempted dating in the last decade, then the lyrics likely ring close to home. All Time Low emphasizes the difficulties of making connections, from different priorities to contrasting lifestyles. Thus, it’s a desperate cry for clarity and authenticity among dating prospects. Lead singer and guitarist Alex Gaskarth defeatedly asks why he should bother trying in the second verse:

“You’re missing the point / Nobody lasts after the honeymoon / Why even try giving it back if there’s a chance you’ll lose?”            

            Moreover, the hopelessness of modern love is brought to life in All Time Low’s music video here:

Highs After The Lows

            The anti-love song stays true to the roots of All Time Low, dating back 20 years ago to 2003. Honestly, for a band that has been around for two decades, the group is doing well for itself. In fact, they won the Alternative Rock Song of the Year award from iHeartRadio for their hit song “Monsters” featuring blackbear. “Monsters” went on to break multiple records and is certified platinum after being released as part of their Wake Up, Sunshine album in 2020.            

           Look out for All Time Low’s newest album, Tell Me I’m Alive, set to release on March 17th. The pop-punk has a knack for creating rambunctious songs that pull at our inner teenage angst. There’s no doubt that this album will be yet another compilation of songs that are reminiscent of being a young and reckless teenager.

            You can listen to Modern Love here. Also, check out our other articles on All Time Low, including their song “PMA” featuring Pale Waves and the band’s Jimmy Kimmel return.

How do you feel about this new era of All Time Low? Let us know in the comments!

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