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AJR Return With “I Won’t”

The musical trio composed by brothers Adam, Jack, and Adam Met released their highly-awaited comeback single “I Won’t.”

AJR Don’t Conform With Society’s Rules

“I Won’t” marks the start of a new era for AJR. The group’s last project was their 2021 album OK ORCHESTRA, which included the hit singles “Bummerland,” “Way Less Sad,” “World’s Smallest Violin,” and of course, the mega-hit “Bang!” Now, the trio of brothers is ready to start a new phase of music, and they are kicking it off with “I Won’t.”

“I Won’t” is a fast-paced track that very much follows AJR’s classic music style. With fun lyrics and music to match, the brothers contrarily sing about standing up to the rules that society has taught us to do. “Acapulco, Tel Aviv, and maybe Japan. And pretty people yell at me to follow the dance. So I do what you tell me to and do it to death. But I can’t do this sh*t again.”

The Brothers Want to Inspire People to Be Themselves

“We found an interesting way to frame it,” Ryan says. “You’re at a party, and this DJ is telling you how to live, but you’ve had enough. In our political climate and within the landscape of social media, everything is marketing and branding yourself to fit into a political or TikTok trend. It gets exhausting.”

He continues, “You lose yourself in fitting into a subsection of culture. In our show and our music, we’re about figuring out what makes you unique. The message is, ‘Be yourself.’ However, we know it’s much easier said than done. We wanted to make a song that inspired others, but also ourselves to be who we are.”

Fans Waited a While to Get This Song

Similar to prior songs like “Burn The House Down” and “Bummerland,” AJR performed “I Won’t” to their fans before their official release. The band recently concluded the North American run of their OK ORCHESTRA tour, where the audience was able to listen to the song live. Officially, they played it for the first time back in April, so fans have been waiting for this song to be released for a while. We’re glad it’s finally here!

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