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AG Club: Building Beats Like No Other

The AG Club does what they want, when they want, how they want. Their sound is entirely their own and shines because of it.
AG Club ‘BRODIE WORLD’ album cover

Crafting Experimental Hip-Hop

The AG Club builds beats like no one else. Their sound hits hard, somehow perfectly balancing an inexplicable intensity and power with dreamy, transcendent soundscapes. Each of their tracks bubbles with their own impressive character, yet never outshine one another. Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy, the faces of AG Club, make incredible use of each track’s runtime. They manage to bend and explore genres tirelessly across all five of their albums. Their sound is impossible to contain in a simple label, as it borrows from R&B, electronica, trap, hip-hop and much more.

Tracks like “Barry” demonstrate the enrapturing power behind each catchy bar, and have a stickiness to them that makes another listen irresistible. Weighty, booming bass backs even weightier bars, and is especially punchy in standout tracks like “Memphis.” “Memphis” is one of AG Club’s biggest songs with over 25 million streams, and serves as just the tip of the iceberg of the magic that AG Club brews. “that’s right daddy” off of BRODIE WORLD represents the aptly named Avant-Garde Club’s more experimental side. 808 beats create a dreamy soundscape for a faraway mashup of rap and singing, leading up to a sudden beat switch.

Sense of Self

“The Iron Giant” continues the trend—listeners are flung between a twinkling, slow song, and heavier trap beats laced with raw energy. Even the AG Club’s visual style is impressively ever-changing and fitting of their unique sound. Each of their videos is extremely distinct, but they are all linked by a common thread of their dreamlike quality and humor. The obvious and masterful cohesion of their sound and visuals show one of the most important elements of the AG Club: they know exactly who they are.

Jody Fontaine, Baby Boy and fellow AG Club members Mick Anthony and 777MEDIA refuse to compromise on their vision. They don’t conform to what’s popular, but instead make whatever they want because they want to. They don’t follow trends, and their sound is entirely their own because of it. Their latest album, BRODIE WORLD, is the perfect culmination of AG Club’s experimentation.

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