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“2 die 4” is Addison Rae’s Best Song On New EP, “AR”

The 22-year-old may be a music newbie, but she's on her way to becoming pop's next prodigy.

In celebration of her new EP, AR, TikTok-It-girl-turned-pop-sensation Addison Rae releases “2 die 4” featuring Charli XCX. With demos surfacing on TikTok– partly leaked by Rae herself– its official release is ear-gasmic thanks to pop aficionado Charli XCX.

“A few of you may have heard these songs after they were unfortunately leaked last year.. but if you loved them, now you can listen to them on all streaming platforms!!!” Rae exclaimed on her Instagram. “If you haven’t heard them, I hope you take a listen and they make you dance!!”

In her new EP, Addison Rae resurrects bubblegum pop and glittery production for hit track "2 die 4" featuring Charli XCX.
Addison Rae (Photographed by Areese Woodson)

The five-track bubblegum pop EP satisfies every Y2K reincarnation out there. But slay is Rae’s middle name as she conquered many different ventures: from creating Item Beauty and Addison Rae Fragrances to starring in Netflix’s He’s All That (2022).

Even her lukewarm debut single, “Obsessed,” scored over 50 million streams. However, AR is a treasure trove of true-to-form dance hits, including “2 die 4” and a very-famous Lady Gaga demo. Where pop music today tries for a blended-pop sound, Rae puts one genre into overdrive– much like her older pop sister Charli XCX.

Where “2 die 4” and “I got it bad” sit at the forefront of the record’s glittery production and playful lyrics, “Nothing On (But The Radio)” is undoubtedly a scrapped piece from pop titan Lady Gaga. The ear-pulsing bass, vocal effects, and a quick Google search gives away its The Fame era time stamp. But understand that Rae’s pop mastery makes it fresh all 15 years later.

Listen to Addison Rae’s new EP and “2 die 4” (featuring Charli XCX) below! Check out more Releases on Music Daily.
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