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▶ Featured Artist: Nina Nesbitt, The Phoenix That Persevered

Hey there everybody, it’s time to take a look at Nina Nesbitt! Sound familiar? If not, then you’ve clicked on the right article. Make sure you’ve got your fingers in the right spot behind your phone. If you’re reading this on your computer then turn on Night Mode, your eyes deserve a rest. Any who, let’s get on with the piece. 


The Origin Story Of Nina Nesbitt: 

Nina Nesbitt was born and raised in the UK- more specifically, the Livingston area of Scotland. Her “origin story” is pretty modern actually. She drew a lot of motivation for pursuing a career in music from an early age. Thanks to the positive feedback she got posting her stuff online. I’m talking covers that none other than Justin Bieber would post! 

Keeping that aspiration going until a fateful day. While at a radio station she happened to stumble into someone that would end up getting her big break. This was the second most listened to artist in the world, Ed Sheeran. Crazy isn’t it? Well what’s crazier is that she ended up opening for him throughout his 2012 European tour! Mind. Blown. 

With that support behind her, Nina Nesbitt began to release her first projects. Putting out two EPs titled Live Take and The Apple Tree. That latter project is the one that gained the most attention, as it led to her signing her first record deal. After that she would be able to embark on her own UK tour. 

The (Supposed) Downfall: 

This came crashing down when her label at the time shelved her debut album. Causing a whole lot of issues and delaying her breaking the ice significantly. Years later Nina Nesbitt would announce that she was going independent. After the release of “The Best You Had” and a nod from one of her idols, Taylor Swift, things were shaping up. 

Nina Nesbitt released her album and used every bit of the new creative freedom that she had. The sound of the album was a far cry from the kitschy, cheerful songwriter fare that had been her go-to in her early career. Instead, Nina’s new sonic direction was far more grown up, and had more in common with R&B than with guitar-heavy bedroom pop. So what’s next?

Here And Now: 

Just this year, Nina Nesbitt announced that her third album, Alskar, would be coming in September. In hindsight, much of the music she’d written before the release of Alskar lacked the inclusion of her personal experience. While in the precarious position of a newly independent artist, many of the songs she penned during that period were meant to be sold. Essentially, just to keep the lights on. However, during the recording sessions for Alskar, the experience she got from collaborating made her much more confident in her own creative process. And to our ears, that’s abundantly clear.

Nina Nesbitt’s career is a testament to perseverance. She navigates through the music industry and proves that although it appears glamorous at first, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Despite that and the trouble that she’s encountered, it seems like she’s entirely self assured and has ten toes on the ground. If you ask me, her best work is still ahead! 

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