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▶ Featured Artist: Biondo: Italy’s Newest Generation of Rap

Meet Biondo, or Simone Baldasseroni, Italy’s newest hip-hop/ rap sensation who shot to fame on the 17th season of the talent show “Amici di Maria De Filippi.” Biondo’s latest release is “mi manca la vecchia te” ( or “i miss the old you”) came in October. But get better acquainted with him as our Featured Artist this week.

The down-tempo track has an element of infectious flow similar to other Italian staples like Ultimo. It would be a perfect fit for his latest project, 3:33 (2022), a wordy late-night hour production with a trap flare.

Meet Biondo, Italy's newest hip-hop/ rap sensation who doesn't shy away from his feelings, especially with his new single, mi manca la vecchia te. He is our Featured Artist this week.
Biondo | Instagram

With his head also in film and television, his most recent movie is “Crazy For Football” (2021), directed by Volfango De Biasi. And, to top of his celebrity status, the star collaborated with various luxury brands like Cartier, Dior and Prada.

From ages 16 to 24, championing three albums, four movies, and countless collaborations and singles, there is no gray area Biondo misses. Biondo may be young, but his long resume solidifies him as Music Daily’s Featured Artist Friday this week.

“mi manca la vecchia te” by Biondo

(Lyrics are translated to English) 

Since his debut single, “Quattro mura” (or “Four walls,”) Biondo utilized a soft production, usually a piano with other melodic bass elements. He leaves the punches to his incredible storytelling lyricism and flow. He honed this style through the years. Now, “mi manca la vecchia te” is the latest iteration and masterfully done at that.

Although subdued, the production is menacing, with a stuck high note repeating, making his words all the sharper. It’s a tale of regret and wanting to do this differently. In his case, the artist would be stronger. “I wish I could go back, yes, back in time / Tell you, fuck you; I don’t have time / You who used me as a pastime.”

But not everything is linear thinking; he grapples between desire and being solitaire. “Sleepless nights spent / Looking for meaning / When there wasn’t even time / To tell you how I really felt / I really tried / I miss the old you.”

The pure honesty intensifies the beat, making it haunting, or maybe that’s snare-drum trap beats. Perhaps it’s the echoes and the lightening-fast speed at which Biondo raps. He captures the essence of being relentlessly hung up over a person. And it’s a stale feeling everyone knows too well.


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