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▶Ellie Dixon Takes A “Swing” At Featured Artist Friday

Past Music Discovery turned Featured Artist, online indie pop sensation Ellie Dixon hits a home run with her latest single, “Swing.” Hailing from Decca Records, the single already scored recognition from BBC Radio 1 as both its ‘Future Pop’ and ‘Tune Of The Week.’

The media attention led to an iHeartRadio Music award nomination for the “TikTok Songwriter of the Year” category earlier this year.

Past Music Discovery turned Featured Artist Friday, online indie-pop sensation Ellie Dixon hits a homerun with her latest single, "Swing."
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“Swing” By Ellie Dixon

“Swing” hits at the growing pains of online stardom and reflects on Dixon’s unexpected hate train last year. This track is cathartic given its intelligent and witty lyricism—a source of strength to swing back during tough times.

“Batter up, swing swing / If you’re gonna play these games, I’ll join in / You throw a lot of curveballs, yeah, but I’m hittin’, see / I’m worth a lot lot more than you’re givin’ me,”

The singer who “makes pop with brains” took a minute to talk about the new single. In a statement, the 24-year-old says,

“It’s rooted in baseball metaphors with the idea that for some people, bringing other people down is just a game and so we shouldn’t take it as anything more than that. I want people to use this song as a fun mantra when dealing with adversity from others – remember to take everything with a pinch of salt, have a laugh, and put on your finest baseball uniform and whack some balls.”

This is Dixon’s first single since her debut EP, Crickey! It’s My Psyche, and its acoustic version earlier this year. However, there is no news of any upcoming projects just yet.

Actually, she just finished a 12-stop UK autumn tour, which ended October 15 in Leeds, England. Since Dixon opened for artists like half alive, and Casey Lowrey, there is an undeniable energy she brings to shows and a soft spot for fans worldwide.


What do you think of our Featured Artist Friday Ellie Dixon and “Swing?” Let us know in the comments!

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