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Zedd Reunites With Maren Morris For “Make You Say”

Global DJ and producer Zedd and singer-songwriter Maren Morris joined forces once again for the new single “Make You Say.”

Zedd and Maren Morris Are Back For Another Great Song

As you might remember, back in 2018, Zedd decided to recruit Maren Morris and Grey for the mega hit single “The Middle,” which gained worldwide acclaim and now surpasses 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. Recently, it has also been officially certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA. Well, four years later, the dream duo is back together.

“Make You Say” is another bop that the duo is giving us. The song, also produced by BEAUZ and co-written with Charlie Puth, sees Maren reminiscing about a broken relationship where her partner decided to part ways after finding a different lover. “Go ahead, walk away. You’re gonna miss the way I used to make you say. Oh my God, night and day,” she sings in the chorus.

In addition, the music video for “Make You Say” is part of Apple’s Made on iPad campaign. The video is full of eye-catching designs and drawings, which is what the campaign is trying to showcase. With Apple Pencil, the iPad makes it easy for creators to use techniques like rotoscoping and animation. 

Charlie Puth Helped Co-Write “Make You Say”

“I started working on this record with BEAUZ about 3 or 4 years ago,” Zedd says. “We went back and forth slowly, refining the production over the years, and then Charlie and I got in the studio and wrote the topline for the track. Maren recorded a demo of it and sounded phenomenal, so I met her in Nashville, and we recorded the final vocal to ‘Make You Say’ and she took the song to a whole new level. ‘Make You Say’ is the kickoff of a new chapter for me and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

“I loved working with Zedd again on ‘Make You Say’ after such a thrill ride with ‘The Middle,’” Maren adds “It’s such a vibey melody and making the music video was definitely a first for me as far as choreography and animation go. The fans are gonna flip.”

BEAUZ builds on, “Thank you Zedd, Maren, and Charlie for giving us the chance to work on such an epic project. All the blood, sweat, and tears are worth it in the end.”

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