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Yungblud’s production of his upcoming short film, ‘Mars’

Yungblud Press Shots by Tom Pallant

Dominic Richard Harrison, musically known as Yungblud, is producing an upcoming short film about “teenage self-discovery” called Mars. The short film is inspired by the song Mars, extract of the rocker’s 2020 studio album Weird!

Yungblud narrates the story of a fan

“This story is an uncensored, unfiltered portrayal of youth. It revels in the fragile beauty of it, flirts with the pain of it and most importantly the undeniable, glimmering hope of it. It presents a generational shift towards acceptance of one’s self and others, and ever growing confidence in our own insecurities,” said British singer-songwriter in a press release.

The short film is set in the north of England. It narrates a day in the life of Charlie Acaster, a fan Yungblud met on the road. “All Charlie has ever wanted is a normal teenage existence – at least that’s what she thinks. Now one extraordinary night will make her reassess what truly matters,” said the rocker.

Chris Bush joined the production of the movie

For the movie, the 24-year-old musician has collaborated with playwright Chris Bush. “The team we’ve assembled is incredible,” said Yungblud. “I am so honoured to stand with them all behind this beautiful project and to have them help me bring it to life”.

Moreover, Bush commented on the short film saying that “Mars is a story where the mundane and the magical sit side by side. It’s Space Age escapism shot through with Northern grit. More than anything I hope it’s honest. I’m hugely proud to be working with Yungblud, and the fantastic creative team we’ve assembled. The queer kids are alright”.

The artist cares about LGBTQ+ community. Yungblud appreciates them because that community helped him learn a lot in general and especially about himself. As a result, he made sure to “secure on and off-screen talent from the trans, non-binary and wider LGBTQ+ community” on the set.

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