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YONAKA Opens Her Doors with “Welcome to My House”

The British rock band based out of Brighton, England, YONAKA just dropped their fourth EP, “Welcome to My House.” Following previous Heavy, Teach Me To Fight and Creature, and full length releases, 2019 debut Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow and 2021 Seize The Power, the group welcomes their new, boundaries-breaking record.

Welcome to My House

On July 28 singer Theresa Jarvis, guitarist George Edwards and bassist/ keyboardist Alex Crosby opened the doors for their fans to their world with new EP Welcome to My House. Raw, piping and straight forward, the album reminiscent of the late 2000 – early 2010s electronic sound. The production mimics and goes back to the sound of the best Bring Me The Horizon in their alternative rock and metal era. The singing style of Javis embraces the performances of the best alternative rock artists. With stretched words and melodies, the singer connects pop influences to their rock sound. In this way, the release sounds like an updated yet version of the 2010s pop rock trend.

Openhearted Celebration

The group took some time also to express gratitude towards the opportunities they got in the past years and to celebrate the long way they’ve walked so far.

“I was talking to a friend the other day and we spoke about how it is important to celebrate moments in your life that you work hard towards. And I realised I haven’t done that in quite a long time,” leader and singer Theresa Jarvis writes.

She then went on addressing how touring can be exhausting. “With the latest music release we rehearsed and then sat in a van for 7 hours did a show i didn’t take anytime to sit down and be proud of myself. It was just on to the next thing and worrying about other people thoughts towards the work I’ve done. This is the shit that makes it exhausting,” Jarvis said. “I haven’t taken the time to celebrate my accomplishments and im going to make a big deal going forward about doing so. It’s important to be proud of yourself and give yourself credit for the amount of passion you put into something.”

The album was released alongside the music video for the single “By The Time You’re Reading This.” “We shot all videos over two days and it was a wild experience jumping into different characters so quickly,” said the band commenting the filming. “We had the most incredible team working on this project and they really made the whole thing come to life. Everyone’s hearts poured in and we made so much chaotic stuff.”

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