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The Insanity of Yeat’s ‘Rich Minion’

As I live and breathe… California native, Yeat, releases a hip-hop track for the new Minions movie. Now, I know I’ve written about the movie before. So… what is this? From previous coverage, the OST was to include 70’s style songs and renditions made by modern artists. So what’s this coming out of left-field with a full-on modern day hip-hop track? 


Rich Minion is Crazy Dumb:

To understand the absolute insanity of this, is to understand Yeat and his current situation. As it stands, Yeat is an incredibly popular artist. Thanks to his rise to fame from TikTok and having some of his music featured in Euphoria. He also rejected performing at Rolling Loud, a rite of passage of sorts or stamp of approval as a new rapper. AND WHAT DOES HE GO WORK ON? A SONG FOR THE MINIONS OF COURSE! 

Completely bragging about his Hollywood money and acknowledging just how crazy it is to have done what he did. This made his fans go absolutely crazy online. With them saying they’ll go watch the movie just to hear Yeat on the big screen.

Gotta keep it 100. I don’t get it. The song is droning soulless repetition. The autotune is atrocious and the self-awareness went from cheeky to annoying way too quickly. Give it a listen yourself by clicking the image above. Maybe I’m just a jaded 22 year-old, but this ain’t it Chief. 

If you wanna hear a song about Hollywood money done right, listen to Vampire Money by My Chemical Romance. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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