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‘Working On My Karma’ Tour Presented By Dvsn

"Working On My Karma" World Tour
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Dvsn: The Legendary R&B Duo

Named after their latest album, the R&B duo dvsn set sail on their third headlining tour, “Working On My Karma” World Tour. Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 comprise of dvsn, both impacting R&B music. They have maintained longevity since their 2016 debut. Fans are excited to see the band perform tracks from the new LP and old classics live. 

Their Third Headlining Tour 

“Working On My Karma” World Tour begins on January 22, 2023 in Denmark performing for Norway, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and more countries. Then, the unstoppable pair will trace back to the US. Dvsn will conquer 31 cities in total. They will visit Boston in February then cities Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Chicago, and Detroit. Lastly, “Working On My Karma” World Tour will commence on April 6, in the duo’s hometown of Toronto. 

Named after their latest album, the R&B duo DVSN set sail on their third headlining tour, "Working On My Karma" World Tour.
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Latest Album ‘Working On My Karma’

In detail, “Working On My Karma” World Tour promotes the dvsn’s latest project Working On My Karma. Released on October 28, the LP had a rocky start with the lead single “If I Get Caught.” The track was met with controversy as Daley justifies cheating on his lover, and downplays his behavior. The song is about a hypothetical scenario where his partner catches him being unfaithful. Daley however, would reassure her that he loves her, and emphasizes that he’s not perfect. “I know, I know you won’t ain’t gon’ let one little fuck (One little fuck) / Mess all this up (Mess all this up) / Don’t let one mistake (One mistake) / Take all this away (Take all this away),” Daley sings. 

Luckily, these themes of toxicity and iniquity do not continue throughout the project. Instead, dvsn encapsulates the realities of love and long term relationships. The beautiful and ugly parts; complicated and magical. Instead, the album points to the reality that relationships are both complicated and complex, beautiful and messy.

Overall, dvsn adds more solid tracks to their catalog along with excellent production. You may recognize other massive hits by the group like “Think About Me,” “With Me” and “Hallucinations.” Likely, dvsn will perform these tracks along with vulnerable tracks from the new LP. Tickets are now available to see the power duo on the  “Working On My Karma” World Tour. 

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