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Wienners: A Take On Japanese Rock

After its origins in the ’50s in the southern U.S., rock ‘n’ roll has become one of the biggest-ever music phenomena. It has spread around the country and defined generation after generation. However, the success of the genre hasn’t been limited to its native land. It quickly crossed oceans to complete a literal global invasion. Everywhere it arrived, it melded with the country’s culture, creating something new and special each time. One of the biggest examples of rock fusion is Japanese rock, or J-rock.

With bands of the likes of ONE OK ROCK and RADWIMPS, and their singles “The Beginning” and “Sparkle” (to only mention two), this music influence immediately became part of the Japanese music scene.

Among the bands today who are defining the genre, there’s the band we want to introduce to you: Wienners.

Discover Wienners and Their Single, “TOP SPEED”

Aggressive, irreverent, concrete and direct: this and much more is the world of Wienners.

Taking a step back from the more melodic Japanese rock, but rather embracing a more punk-pop, hard-rock and art-rock approach, the band is defining the underground scene in Japan.

Musically light-hearted, the group has taken the genre to its extremes with harsh sounds and a fast-paced rhythm. They’re colored in cartoon shades, with animated versions of the members as the protagonists of the group’s media look.

At first, rock bands in Japan performed what is called Group Sounds, with lyrics almost exclusively in English. However, the drastic British and American influence has now faded. This leaves the bands to their own language (despite maintaining a few English words every now and then)

However jovial and lively musically, the lyrics are definitely on a different level: deep and personal.

"人生これっきり 一度っきり それっきりの奴ばっか 速さと馬鹿さを知っていたなら一秒も無駄にしなかったのに だけど everything gonna be alright // This is my life, I only live once, that's all I have If I had known how fast and stupid I was, I wouldn't have wasted a second. But everything gonna be alright"

An example is the group’s latest 2023 single “TOP SPEED.” Discussing the weight of time passing by and losing a beloved person, the lyrics are concise yet painfully gripping.

"離れても一生一緒ね バイバ. Goodbye for you. // Even if it's tomorrow in the blink of an eye, we'll be together forever, bye-bye. Goodbye for you"

After the Japanese invasion, the group gradually landed overseas, where they planned, sooner or later, to leave their mark with dates all over the United States

Wienners’ Loss

Retrieved from artist Instagram @wienners_official
Retrieved from artist Instagram @wienners_official

Recently the band saw one of the members leave the group, among fans’ sadness and disbelief. In fact, the fourth member of the group, drummer KOZO, decided to take a step back from music. According to his words, it wasn’t suitable for his “future way of life and way of thinking” anymore, despite keeping music as a hobby.

“From now on, I will continue to play drums, including lessons and bands that continue as a hobby. I would be happy if you could help me again when I see you.”

KOZO commented his departure with an announcement for all the shocked and surprised fans. “I’m sorry for surprising you with the sudden announcement!” he began. He went on thanking his companions, reminiscing some of his most memorable moments.

“Memories with ∴560∵, sharing breaths together on the stage, or the many nights when I had a drink with Tamaya…Asami Sae, who has always been a counselor.”

He then addressed his fans:

“I can always vividly remember the scenery I saw from the stage and everyone’s facial expressions. Thank you for playing with me. It’s thanks to everyone that I was able to enjoy live anytime, anywhere. And I am also sincerely grateful to all the people who enjoyed watching and hearing all over the world even if I couldn’t meet them live. Thank you very much.”

The band announced the group’s drummer, KOZO, with love and kind words to prove the group’s profound friendship and connection. Asami Sae mentioned the kindness of the ex-member. She remembered how hard it was for her to effectively become part of the band, being the last one to arrive.

“When I look back at the photo folder, it’s full of time spent by these four people. There were times when I had troubles as a member who entered later and was anxious, but I was always supported by KOZO’s positive and calm words.”

Also, ∴560∵ and Tamaya 2060% commented with kind words towards the leaving drummer and the rest of the group, once again highlighting the connection between the four as friends first, and colleagues second.

“I believe that all the scenes I have shared with everyone who supported me have become sources of power and will continue to lead to the future of this band and each of the four people. And I would be extremely happy if it remained in everyone’s hearts.”

– ∴560∵


– Tamaya 2060%

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