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What To Know About “Zoey 102” and the Controversy Behind It

Fifteen years after the start of the original show, the hit Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101 is going to get a reboot. Formally named Zoey 102, the movie will informally go off the idea of the new ICarly  reboot. Where the main characters get back together after being apart for several years. The movie follows main character Zoey Brooks going to her best friends wedding and attending her high school reunion.  Zoey and Chase’s relationship could also be finally be addressed with the story picking up right where it left off. With all the original cast members coming back and the same “will they/won’t they” storyline, it should be interesting what happened 15 years after the group left PCA. 

As the storyline is not the only news of the new reboot, the main concern was a controversy between Brittney Spears, Jamie Lynne Spears older sister , and Alexa Nicholas, who played Nicole in the show. According to TV Line, “Brittney recalled while visiting the set and being immediately told by Jamie Lynn that Nikolas was bullying her.” The grown ups stood there doing nothing, when they should have handled the situation. Spears then took action to defend her sister, even though no one knows what officially happened. Years later, Spears finally apologized to Nickolas. 

Nicklas told TV Line that: “It wasn’t OK because I was a 12 or 13 year old. But in retrospect, knowing the dynamic that was in place for her, I think, of course that’s what ended up happening.” Nikolas also acknowledged the horrible situation Spears had to deal with. Though she was still thankful for the apology, thanking Spears on Instagram with a long drawn out post. In short according to TV Line, Nickolas said: 

“I’m sitting here crying with my jaw on the floor. Thank you for seeing me and listening to me and for apologizing. This is honestly one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. For being you and embracing everything that you are. I can’t wait to show my daughter Nova what an inspiration you are now and forever. You deserve the best.” 

The new Zoey 102 movie will start streaming on Paramount+ on July 27th.

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