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What To Know About Pixar’s New Film “Elio”

On Tuesday, June 13th, Pixar released the teaser trailer for its brand new upcoming science fiction film Elio. The new character is voiced by Yonas Kireab, America Ferrera voicing his mother Olga. Other cast members include Jemeela Jamil as Ambassador Questra and Brad Garrett as Ambassador Grigon. The film will be Pixar’s 28th feature film after Elemental, and is directed by Adrian Molina in his directing debut. Molina has worked on other films such as Lightyear, Monsters University, Toy Story 4 and Luca. Given Molina is the director, the animation will be in a very similar style. 

As the film is an original story, there could be a possibility of it becoming another Pixar favorite. The intriguing plot is always a good sign for movie goers alike. What viewers can get from the trailer is a story following the underdog character Elio as he is transported in a world known as the Communiverse.  A world where two extraterrestrial characters reside and mistake him for Earth’s ambassador. Elio’s relationship with his family is also revealed, as his mother works for some top secret government agency. It seems that Olga is working on a military project because of the aliens themselves. As Elio is stuck between two worlds, befriending an alien who does not seem to get along with his mother, it becomes up to him to save mankind. 

Along with the storyline, the way the movie is presented could also make it a hit. According to Screenrant, “Elio could also deliver on the sci-fi elements that audiences and critics didn’t get with Lightyear.” Especially with its alien designs, that make it seem like the movie is not taking anything too seriously. Hopefully when the movie is released on March 1st, 2024, Pixar gets its next big hit, just ahead of Inside Out 2.

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