Viral Artist Mae Muller Releases Debut Album

26-year-old Mae Muller has been producing for years, carving her own path through the industry and building a loyal following online. The Eurovision star has had multiple viral hits on TikTok, with even more to come along with the release of her debut album Sorry I’m Late.

Sorry I’m Late Arrives Just on Time

Sorry I’m Late explores heartbreak, dissatisfaction and independence by branching out into various genres. Muller always switches up her tracks, keeping the experience fresh for listeners. The album seamlessly floats between stripped-back, introspective ballads and hard-hitting club cuts with disco undertones.

While the album has plenty of exciting tracks, “Better Days” acts as one of Sorry I’m Late’s massive hits, amassing hundreds of millions of streams and launching its own TikTok trend. “Better Days” establishes a thread that continues throughout the album, in which Muller weaves elements of disco, pop and EDM. Catchy lyrics complement the hooking instrumental that Muller uses as a backdrop to create an introspective space. “Me, Myself, & I” is a powerful example of the album being a space for Muller to reflect and grow. Heavy drumbeats and strong delivery establish a confidence that never wavers over the album’s 48-minute runtime.

Tracks like “Bitch with a Broken Heart” and “Me, Myself, & I” embody a sense of self-assurance refreshing to see in a debut album. Their attitude and focus on independence embody the sass from earlier Marina albums, with “I Wrote a Song” invoking Kylie Minogue’s Fever era with club beats and well-hidden disco snippets.

Set for Success

Muller’s success revolves around her command of social media, where she was first discovered in 2017. She built a loving fanbase over the years across SoundCloud and Instagram. Eventually, Muller propelled to TikTok fame with her viral trends and tracks. More are sure to come with the highly anticipated release of Sorry I’m Late, available for purchase on her website.

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