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Vampire Weekend Give New Album Update

Vampire Weekend “almost have an album’s worth of songs,” frontman Ezra Koenig revealed while chatting with Mark Hoppus on his Apple Music Hits show. 

Vampire Weekend Have Enough Songs Ready to Make an Album

Ezra shared that Vampire Weekend recorded new music in England and Los Angeles. The upcoming album will serve as the follow-up to 2019’s Father of the Bride. “We’ve been working on music. We were just recording in England for a while, now back in LA, working with everybody.”

Speaking with Mark Hoppus, Ezra opened up about the time between the release of Father of the Bride and being hit by a global pandemic almost right after. “It is crazy that it’s been three years. I mean, about a year and a half of it doesn’t count because of COVID. But, yeah. We’ve been working on music and we were just recording in England for a while, now back in LA, working with everybody and, yeah, I think we’re … I’m always hesitant to… Sometimes I oversell how close we are with the record because who really knows? But we almost have an album’s worth of songs.”

The rocker admitted that while they have plenty of new material in the works, he’s unable to offer up a specific release date due at the moment. “As you well know, you could tinker with a song forever; change the arrangement, change the lyrics, whatever. But in that sense we’re close. I have no idea how long it’ll take to finish, but we’re feeling really good about the new material. So yeah, a lot of studio time to come after the holidays.”

It Took 6 Years For the Rock Band To Release a New Album in 2019

Prior to Father of the Bride, Vampire Weekend’s latest album had been 2013’s Modern Vampires of the City. The band is proving that they had made the most of their time with the Covid-19 pandemic, as they took advantage of it by creating new music. Although there is no official release date for the band’s upcoming album, it could arrive very soon, so let’s keep an eye out for it!

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