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UPSAHL Wants to Make History Like “Monica Lewinsky”

Pop-rock rising artist UPSAHL is back with her first single of the year, “Monica Lewinsky,” which arrives as an ode to women.

UPSAHL is Back With Her First Single of the Year

Last year, UPSAHL released her debut album Lady Jesus, which included tracks like “Lunatic,” “Melatonin,” and “Thriving.” Earlier this year, she returned with a live album funnily titled This Is My First Live Album. The album featured live versions of the songs that fans love, with a staggering total of 17 songs included. Now, she’s back and giving us great new music.

“Monica Lewinsky” is the first single that arrives after Lady Jesus, and it is honestly a masterpiece. UPSAHL, born in 1998, decided to make the song an ode to women mistreated by the media in the 1990s. The track mentions celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and of course, Monica Lewinsky. 

“On the year that I was born. Girls were f*cking presidents. In the residence…Wanna make, wanna make history (Like who?). Like Britney, like Lindsay. Stunna like Monica Lewinsky (So cute). No, really, that stone-cold, hot girl feelin’” are some lyrics in the empowering song.

“Monica Lewinsky” Honors Celebrities Dragged by the Media

“On first listen, Monica Lewinsky feels like a playful song about people who have made a massive impact on pop culture, and it is that type of song, but writing this song was much more than that for me,” UPSAHL shared on her Instagram account.

She continued, “In the 90s and the early 2000s, women like Monica, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus were all dragged down by the media under a microscopic spotlight and the court of public opinion simply for living their lives. One of the main reasons I get to feel free existing in a creative industry is because of the bullsh*t that they had to deal with early on in their careers. ‘Monica Lewinsky’ is my ode to them. Thank you for making history.”

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