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TWICE Drop Infectious Mini Album “With YOU-th”

TWICE and Their New EP With YOU-th

K-pop girl group TWICE has just released their newest mini album, With YOU-th. Their 13th EP, With YOU-th is full of comforting messages of youth, friendship and togetherness. From the all-English, endearing pre-release single, “I GOT YOU,” to the heartwarming closing track, “YOU GET ME,” the mini album is cohesive, catchy and commendable.

The lead single, “ONE SPARK,” and “RUSH” are both upbeat and infused with bits of dance-pop and electro-pop. Though different in sound, they fit together and work well as adjacent tracks.

Fresh, breezy “NEW NEW” calls back to debut-era TWICE with its bright sound. Notably, though, the members bring their maturity from the past nine years into this song, adding new flavor to the bubblegum pop-esque track.

“BLOOM” is, debatably, one of the best songs on the mini album—if not the best—in terms of being an earworm, at the very least. The song sounds magical, and the chorus stays with you after only the first listen. “Twice the magic of the sun and moon / Just you wait until you see me bloom / Live forever high on my perfume / Just you wait until you, ‘til you see me bloom.” The effortlessness of the girls’ high notes in the bridge is vocally impressive and only adds to the enchanting vibes of the track.

TWICE 'With YOU-th' mini album concept photo. Courtesy of JYP Entertainment
Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Overall, With YOU-th is a feel-good mini album that definitely leaves you wanting to stroll along a street with the people who make you happiest. The members’ energy throughout the EP is infectious.

Currently, TWICE is preparing for their one-night concert at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on March 16, 2024. Find tickets here.

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