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Tuv Embraces Rock Music on New Album “Stop Loving Me!”

Stream Tuv's new album, 'stop loving me!' below.

Following his “final” hyperpop EP, bloom, up-and-coming artist Tuv embraces rock music for his most personal project yet, titled stop loving me! The seven-track release has an accompanying album movie on YouTube, featuring intimate-styled live performances.

While promoting the bloom EP, Tuv expressed a need to “mature” his music with another sound. Now coming from the long-lived YouTube creator and Twitch-adjacent streamer, he has built a music career totaling over a 1.5M audience with over 3M streams.

Despite pessimistic leaks prior to release, the genre-switch introduced a new way for fans to experience Tuv. Instead of his optimistic longing and borderline toxic love songs, Tuv explores darker themes with an even badder attitude. “Wow, [it] seems like a dream,” he said after the release of stop loving me!

Where the title track introduces the new sonic atmosphere, the following “body” is perhaps the record at its most vulnerable. Despite the heavy guitars, the lyrics reveal a guy who forgets himself in his own depression.

“Done with feeling like nothing’s inside / I just wanna know my favorite color again,” Tuv sings on “body.” “And I would write it down, but I lost my pen / No one hears me out ’cause I lost my friends.”

Another striking moment comes from “i wrote my will last night,” where Tuv explores a mellow production that details his childhood trauma. “But how do you think it feels when the pressure’s on your son?” He contemplates. “Thinkin’ of the feeling of a pressure of a gun / Pressed against my temple for the stoppage of my lungs.”

Listen to Tuv’s new album, stop loving me!, below. Check out more Music Discoveries on Music Daily!

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