December 01, 2022
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Tove Styrke Has “Youyouyou” on Her Mind


Swedish pop singer-songwriter Tove Styrke released her newest single “Youyouyou,” following on “Hardcore.” 

Tove is gearing up for the big release of her upcoming album HARD, set to arrive on June 3 via RCA/Sony Music. Although the final setlist of the album has not been revealed yet, she had unveiled singles that will be part of it. Those include “Show Me Love,” “Hardcore,” and now, “Youyouyou.”

“Youyouyou” is the Last Offering Off HARD

“Youyouyou” is a complete love letter that Tove sings to an ex-lover whom she still has feelings for. In the sweet and melodic song, she expresses that although she is now seeing someone new, she cannot stop her mind from thinking about her past relationship. “When my heart is turning blue. Got someone to change my mood. And there’s nothing we won’t do. But when we kiss, I think of you. If I saw your facе, I’d have a heart attack…It’s you, you, you on my mind,” she sings.

“It’s the sunrise and the sunset,” Trove says about “Youyouyou.” It’s the drama, the romance, the big bang of the album. To me, it’s an instant classic and it got all the elements that I love in a big pop song. I love the analog vibes, it almost sounds like the music on a VHS tape that you’ve recorded on over and over.”

The impassioned video was directed by Cornelia Wahlberg and shot entirely on film, which echoes the analog sound of the track. Tove adds, “I knew right away that the video was gonna have to be a dramatic portrayal of passion. I wanted to interact with people that kept changing throughout the song. I wanted it to be steamy, sexual and I also wanted to incorporate dance and use the body and movement as an expression as much as the music. We shot the whole thing on film, only using analog tricks for the effects. I think that approach fits the sound perfectly.”

Tove is Currently on Tour With MARINA

Tove is currently finalizing her appearances accompanying MARINA on tour across the UK and Europe until the end of May. In June, she will continue headlining some festivals in Stockholm, SE and Vasa, FI. For more information and tickets, click here.



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