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Tiesto and Aqua Create New Remix of “Barbie Girl”

Twenty six years after its release, a remix of the hit song “Barbie Girl” released with the new Barbie movie. The remix makes the song larger than life, especially with Tiesto’s signature electronic sound. The song also feels fresher, like a brand new release without a remix. Tiesto did most of the work, but the track is inspired by his daughter, a huge fan of the song. The DJ told EDM Tunes that, “I wanted to make a version of the song my daughter could dance to. And I think she is going to love it.” With just that the remix became a great tune to dance to with the upbeat tempo and its catchy lyrics. 

When the song released in 1997, it became an instant global hit, reaching number seven on Billboard’s Top 100. The song has even received 9 billion streams worldwide along with over 1 billion views on YouTube. With the new movie coming out, the song has become popular once again, especially with its 25th anniversary. Listeners can even find the chorus in the movie’s trailer. Both artists commented on the project, as the original Aqua singer, Lene told EDM Tunes, “In many ways, Tiesto and our ride are quite alike. We have both been around for a while and had to navigate through a constantly evolving industry. The reason we are still here today is because we have never strayed from what we originally set out to do. Have fun, let go and party with our fans like there is no tomorrow.”  

Another Aqua singer, Rene, followed up with “When Tiesto reached out, I felt both honored that he wanted to work with us. At the same time I also thought “Well of course he does. We’re the perfect match.” As it seems both artists made the right decision to collaborate, time will only tell how popular the remix can become over the original song.

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