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The Weeknd & Daft Punk Hit 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Ah, March 10th, 2017… the before times. The time when we could all freely walk around without the anxiety of getting a deadly disease, gas prices weren’t so damn high, and you’d feel it coming. “It” being an awesome summer filled with plenty of vibes and memories to be made. Sure things were rocky but nowhere near as unstable as they are now. Nothing is more encapsulating of that vibe than when The Weeknd and Daft Punk joined forces to create the summer jam “I Feel It Coming.” A little over five years later, the official music video has reached a little over 1 BILLION views on YouTube! 



This is slightly bittersweet since last year the electronic duo, Daft Punk, split up after 30 years. However, we’re not here to mope, we’re here to celebrate! This is no easy achievement to garner considering the platform being an ocean of content of many shapes and sizes. Most of which are personal and internet creator driven rather than a corporate creation. It’s why Pewdiepie is still at the top while the Vevo channel has only about a quarter of the same subscribers. People don’t go to YouTube to watch music videos… but there are some that have stood the test of time and remained popular. 

It’s a wonderful achievement and I’m glad that Daft Punk and The Weeknd’s summer track has been able to maintain relevancy after all this time. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections. 

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