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The War and Treaty Are GRAMMY Nominees

The War and Treaty could win a GRAMMY for Best New Artist. Read on to learn more about the wife and husband music duo.

Michael and Tanya Trotter are the duo behind The War and Treaty. Best New Artist is one of two nominations for them. They’re also up for Best Americana Roots for their song, “Blank Page.” The song is off their major label debut LP, Lover’s Game. So, while the duo has been around since 2016 (and Tanya a professional singer since 1993), the major label debut qualifies them for Best New Artist.

Moreover, The War and Treaty discussed the nominations in an interview with US Weekly.

The War and Treaty On Their Nominations

“We were so used to being overlooked year after year to where we just didn’t pay attention,” Michael Trotter shared with US Weekly. “We were sitting in the airport, and my phone is just going absolutely berserk,” he said. “I’m like, ‘What is happening?’ And I looked down and I saw all these congratulations. I opened one of them up, and it’s talking about two Grammy nominations. And I immediately just come to tears.”

Then, Trotter continued, saying, “My tears weren’t just tears of joy.” He said, “It was a mixture of [joy and], ‘I can’t believe that I was that self-centered that I was really just put off by the fact that I didn’t get nominated the year before or the year before that.’ And I had to get put back in check and realize, ‘Listen, it’s not about awards. It’s not about accolades. It’s not about Grammys. It’s literally about being a servant. And this is the response to your servanthood.”

Additionally, Tanya added her thoughts, “Life is a balance.” She said, “You have to be able to take the good with the bad. And it sounds so simple, but we [as a people] really lean our energy to more bad because we spend too much time on the internet. Or we’re not spending enough time with people who are positive. Or maybe people don’t celebrate every good thing that happens. So, we’ve kind of made it our purpose with every milestone that happens in our life to celebrate.”

The 2024 GRAMMY Best New Artist nominees are as follows: Fred again.., Ice Spice, Gracie Abrams, Coco Jones, Noah Kahan, Victoria Monét, The War And Treaty, and Jelly Roll. Catch the 66th Grammy Awards on February 4th, 2024, live via CBS. Stay tuned with Music Daily for GRAMMY news.

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