The Revelries Team Up With NHL For A Great Cause

As of last week, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are in full swing and what better way to celebrate grown men smashing into each other on skates than to team up with a rock and roll band.

The Nashville-based rock trio The Revelries has their new single, “Little Things,” playing throughout the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. From in-game broadcasts, highlight reels to commercial bumpers on NBC, NBCSN and NHL Network, they have been everywhere.

The main use of the song is for announcing the finalists for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy. The trophy is awarded to one player who shows leadership on and off the ice. This generally means players who go the extra mile for their communities are nominated.

This year’s winner was a goaltender named Pekka Rinne. He plays on the Nashville Predators, so it is fitting that they’d use a band from Nashville.

The Revelries also share a major passion for hockey and are thrilled to showcase new music on the national stage. In an interview with their record label (Edgeout Records), Frontman Beau Bailey had this to say about the amazing opportunity.

“Little Things’ is our way of reminding everybody to step back and look at all the small things. Those things that make a big difference in your everyday life. This song’s all about enjoying life to its fullest extent and finding the good/positive in where you’re at. We wrote this one in the living room of our college house in Baton Rouge, LA. So having this song be used by the NHL is crazy and a dream come true for us.”

The Revelries Up To Big Things After NHL

Produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer Matt Wallace, “Little Things” is a melodic, freeing anthem about the small moments in our lives.

It is the second single the band has released since officially signing to their record label early in 2020. Before their new song blew up with the NHL, The Revelries debuted their first song in over two years. “Cliché Love” is their most popular single for now, but with so much publicity coming their way, the band seems to be headed for stardom.


The Revelries have yet to announce anything close to an album drop, however as we listen to the new singles, we can be sure of something is in the works.

For now, all we can do is enjoy their singles as we watch the Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens duke it out for the biggest trophy in Hockey.

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