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The OST For God Of War Ragnarok Is Amazing

FOo Alright y’all I’ve finally beaten God Of War Ragnarok… wow, just wow. While I can talk all day about the game, there’s one specific thing that needs my attention. By the title, you can already decipher that I’m gonna shine a light on Bear McCreary. Notably, he’s the man behind the phenomenal score of the 2018 God Of War, and now Ragnarok. So let’s get into it! 

God Of War, Bear McCreary, And Everything In-Between: 

Firstly, saying that Bear McCreary and everyone else at Santa Monica Studios did a fantastic job would be the understatement of the year. The score alone deserves accolades for God Of War truly guides players through an emotive landscape. Secondly, pair that up with a Game of the Year contender title and you’ve got a masterpiece. But how exactly did they do it? 

Well keeping it short and simple; in the words of McCreary: “I want to go into a sequel and hear something that gives me exactly what I want and what I don’t know that I want.”

That’s the perfect way to summarize the philosophy behind it all. As for the logistics, well, the score was entirely recorded remotely. They got an orchestra in London and Iceland and their team back in L.A. Getting that all sorted out was their biggest hurdle in a physical sense. As for any other interesting tidbits in God Of War, the developers sought out from an early point in development to “not harm any melodies”. 

And so, if you’re wondering how they could possibly do that, well it’s actually pretty easy. Just cut the music. Stop it, no matter where in the track. No fade, no cross dissolve into something else. Nada. Zilch. Thankfully they did the complete opposite and as someone who just finished God of War Ragnarok, I can confirm that they nailed it. 

All in all, Bear McCreary and the rest of his team did a phenomenal job with the OST for God of War Ragnarok. Hopefully this has sparked an interest in you playing it! Check God Of War out here! For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections. 

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