The Neigbourhood’s Post-Album Single, “Fallen Star”

“Fallen Star” Continues The Era

Sirens fade in the back as The Neighbourhood opens their latest single, “Fallen Star“, with their lead vocalist, Jesse Rutherford, wanting a firm grasp on his relationship: “I’ll keep you far away from me like a star / Hard not to fall for you, I gave you all my heart.”  Throughout their social media, snippets of the single trace back to 2019, before the release of their fifth album, Chip Chrome & the Mono-Tones. Sonically, it shares the same out-of-touch lyricism and space-like production heard  from said album. However much its absence on their latest album was a disappointment, “Fallen Star” is a left-field surprise as a single.

Although the single is separate from their latest album (released almost a year ago), it doesn’t indicate anything new is coming either. Rather, this feels like a continuation of Chip Chrome’s journey, leading to inevitable burnout. When looking at the single artwork, such is accurate. Jesse Rutherford, aka “Chip Chrome”, is flailing alone in space. The song is a slow burn, not of hope but of wanting, leaving Jesse unsure of his next move.

“Fallen Star” Analysis

Harking back to the opening lines, Jesse’s alter-ego “Chip Chrome” feels more comfortable away than near their lover. ” Further apart, the closer that we are / I’ll keep you far away from me like a star” seems to be a repeating mantra for the singer, similar to “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The line is echoed throughout “Fallen Star,” with each repeating chorus adding heavier reverb and backing vocals. Towards the last chorus, the band burns the track with an electric guitar.

The Neighbourhood’s rhythm is lazy and should not make sense but produces a hypnotic passage to hear Jesse’s fantasy wish. But, it seems he loves better from afar. He speaks, “You’re in my DNA, I can’t keep away no matter how hard I try / You’re runnin’ through my veins, something I can’t change / That’s the same reason why we’re,” then jumps into the chorus. The outer-space soundscape signifies how their love survives best: apart. Since Jesse feels them in their veins, it’s already too close for comfort and better to push them away.

Final Thoughts

If anything, it sounds like “Chip Chrome” has philophobia, fear of being in love, but this lunar tune will suffice. The Neighbourhood’s production hits where there’s no light, the drums adding a dash of brightness to Jesse’s dismal yearn. It’s a deliciously dark track to consume if you need space. Or, maybe, you want the furious eclectic guitar ending ringing inside your head hours later. In the end, “Fallen Star” is another torch single from The Neighborhood, detailing the same love trouble. And, still, there’s no light.


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