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The Murlocs Drop Their New Album “Calm Ya Farm”

When you have a successful and loved band releasing more or less two albums a year, thinking about having a second group to work with seems absurd. But not for Ambrose Kenny-Smith and Cook Craig who started a new project in The Murlocs from their worldwide phenomenon King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

Next to their first group, the duo developed a five-member project to go over the – basically non-existing – boundaries set for their primary band and be as experimental and creative as they can. Crossing genres and influences, the band turned out being not a secondary, but a friendly competitor of King Gizz, setting the limit to their musical exploration to zero. Watch them now walking into the country side of music with their new release, Calm Ya Farm.

Calm Ya Farm

In their prolific and unstoppable release of new products, The Murlocs explored multiple influences and challenged themselves in multiple genres. From Psychedelic rock to R&B, from progressive rock to heavy metal, the Australian band always maintained some sort of connection between one project and the next. But not now: we could’ve never guessed that Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Cal Shortal, Cook “Pipe-Eye” Craig, Tim Karmouche, and Matt Blach could’ve performed new music in country tones.

From the first track “Initiative,” the album immediately strikes and defines the melodic line the album is going to follow.

Inspired by the ’60s and ’70s waves of rock sub-genres, Calm Ya Farm re-creates the ambience from those years with the unmatched fluency and smoothness that characterizes the group. The cohesive bass lines perfectly collaborate with the melodies and the lyrical choices, forging a unique yet very “in style” album that once again proves how good The Murlocs are. Besides being incredible musicians, they also are inspired and intentioned to creatively progress, album after album.

Is There a Tour in Store?

While Kenny-Smith and Craig being too busy to organize a tour with The Murlocs is a bummer, there’s good news: the duo is touring with their King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard around the globe. North America to Europe, The UK to Australia, the band will perform over 30 shows from the beginning of June to September.

Get your tickets for one of the nights here and see the incredible KG&TLW live.

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