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The Dare’s Debut Album Will Bring Back Indie Sleaze

Following the May release of his debut EP The Sex, indie sleaze darling The Dare will release his yet-untitled debut album later this year, according to a GQ profile.

The Dare is a solo music project helmed by Harrison Patrick Smith. He is formerly the frontman (and everything else) for Portland-based indie rock band Turtlenecked. While this isn’t his first foray into solo work, The Dare is a swift departure from Smith’s previous music efforts. His new music operates in the genres of bloghouse, electroclash, and techno. Given that these genres are the cornerstone of the late 2000s-early 2010s indie sleaze era, he’s earned numerous comparisons to its titans, including LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture. The Indie Sleaze Revival, it seems, is in full swing.

The Sex EP includes Tik Tok viral singles “Girls” and “Good Time.” Also included is the new single “Sex”, as well as an instrumental track.

According to GQ, the upcoming album is to include the hit singles featured on The Sex EP, as well as a future single titled “You’re Invited” and more currently unreleased tracks including the following:

…a Detroit techno-style track… and another that sounds like a twisted Justin Timberlake dance hit. In the last year, he’s gotten enough filthy DMs on Instagram to write a song, called “Open Up”… He’s just finished another track called “All Night” that sounds more like LCD Soundsystem’s late-night anthems, like “All My Friends…”

– GQ Magazine, “Everybody Wants a Piece of The Dare

The Dare makes self-proclaimed party music, meant to keep people in the club and off their phones. His music videos support this sentiment and thus blur the line between script and reality, as his live performances (captured by enthusiastic fans on social media) resemble the music videos in terms of frenetic, dance-’til-you-drop energy.

Script vs. Reality in the World of The Dare

Compare the staged music video above to the real deal below. The similarities are endless.

Watching The Dare’s performances on Youtube and Tiktok is fun, but it pales in comparison to the in-person vibe. Thus far, he has two upcoming shows announced, both in Los Angeles at El Cid on June 8th and 9th. He has several festival appearances scheduled, including Primavera Weekender and Portola Festival. The Dare is also a regular DJ at Freakquencies in New York City.

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