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Symon Dice Teams Up With CNCO For “Borrachita”

Symon Dice: Artist Profile

Symon Dice, a Latin superstar in the making reigning from Colombia, releases a new single “Borrachita” featuring CNCO. Columbia is the birthplace of infamous Latin artists from Karol G and Carlos Vives. The multitalented composer, producer and singer-songwriter Symon Dice is the mastermind behind two notorious Latin records released in 2019. In particular, he co-wrote and co-produced “Me Gusta” by Natti Natasha and “No Quiero Amarte” by Justin Quiles featuring Zion & Lennox. Following that, he began releasing music of his own in 2021. His first being “Qué Te Pasó” or in English, “What Happened To You,” with Juhn, Dalex and Gigolo Y La Exce. 

“Borrachita” With CNCO

On February 9 his new collaboration with Latin GRAMMY nominated pop group CNCO would arrive. “Borrachita” which translates to “drunk” in English, recounts a night out at a club. 

Symon Dice and CNCO encounter a woman at the nightclub who is experiencing a breakup. This man treated her poorly, and the musicians reassure her she will be okay without him. “Borrachita” describes the woman coping with heartbreak by going out to dance and drinking heavily. Though, she is aware that this is not a solution for heartbreak. But, Dice and CNCO can see right through her happy facade. They know she has a broken heart and she doesn’t realize how many people want to treat her right. Unfortunately, this mystery woman is still stuck on her ex. She posts on social media every time she goes out just so he can see her out having fun.

And so, to escape her sorrows she gets drunk. “Y ahora está borracha,” Dice sings. As a matter of fact, Symon insists he has a better idea to get over her ex. “Es que pa’ ti, tengo la fórmula,” he claims he has the “formula.”  

The Singer Has The “Formula”

Symon Dice, a Latin superstar in the making reigning from Colombia, releases a new single “Borrachita” with CNCO.
Symon Dice. @symondice Via Instagram. Photographer: VILCHZ

Specifically, Dice believes he can take her mind off of her ex. “Borrachita” sees the two Latin singers having attraction towards a woman that radiates a captivating aura. Symon is certain they have a connection that can last. Even more, Dice decides to make his move toward this woman and tries to take her mind off of her past lover. He applauds her as she confidently dances occupying the entire dance floor with her twerking and grinding skills. 

“La noche está perfecta para hacerte mía” he sings. Or in English: “The night is perfect to make you mine.” Dice claims he is who she belongs with, and where she will stay. Maybe Symon Dice has what it takes to sweep her off her feet. Listen to “Borrachita” here.

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