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Listen to Swim School’s Dreamy ‘Don’t Leave Me Behind’ Ahead of “Duality” EP Release

Photo Credit: Paul Hudson from United Kingdom

Swim School, an indie rock trio out of Edinburgh, came through with a second single off of their upcoming EP recently. We now have our hands on “Delirious” and “Don’t Leave Me Behind.”

Right off the bat, the latest single gives us a drastically different feel from the aforementioned “Delirious.” While the February release gives us the head-banging rock vibes we sometimes require after a disagreement in a “dangerous” relationship, “Don’t Leave Me Behind” is the come-down.

Photo Credit: Paul Hudson from United Kingdom

Sitting on the feeling of knowing when something is right, the track puts words to the sense of gut-feeling you get when you meet someone you know is supposed to be in your life longterm. On the other hand, it addresses the feeling that something may be “too good to be true.”

Frontwoman Alice Johnson described the tune as their “own version of those cheesy, early ’90s love songs” in a press release. With “harsh guitar tones” and “soft lyrics,” the song encompasses the roller coaster emotions tied to a newly budding relationship.

You may be wondering how two songs with completely different sounds could fit seamlessly into one EP – enter: Duality. Even the band recognizes that the difference in tone is kind of the point. Johnson adds in the press release, “I saw the quote ‘Duality is a situation in which two opposite feelings exist at the same time,’ and that described the EP perfectly.”

She adds, “There are 4 tracks on the EP: two love songs and two angry songs. The songs are based on experiences that I have gone through at a certain point in my life. The fact that you can feel contrasting feelings at the same time can be confusing and take a toll on you mentally, but I find that writing is the best way to cope with it.”

You can catch the entirety of the EP Duality on streaming services when it drops on May 25th.

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