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Sophie Cates Drops New EP: ‘Basement Party’

Sophie Cates has just released a new EP of hers called Basement Party.

sophie cates nasty

‘Basement Party’ By Sophie Cates

Singer-songwriter Sophie Cates has thrown a basement party with her latest EP. Basement Party has four tracks, two of which are in similar veins, and two of which are completely different. Keep reading for a rundown of all four songs.


First, “Nasty” opens the Sophie Cates EP with a sexy, pop-rock sound. The drumbeat is heavy, and the alt-pop vibe is slightly hypnotic. In the song, Cates sings about her attraction toward someone. You like them so much that you can’t keep your hands off them, or theirs off of you, and you don’t want to.

She says exactly what she wants in the chorus. “I want you to touch me, baby, I just wanna be nasty / And I want you up on me, I had a dream about it just last week / And I’ve been so lonely, I’m not usually forward with these things / But if you wanna have mе, then, baby, I just wanna be nasty,”

Watch the music video for “Nasty” below.


Secondly, “Cardigan” is very influenced by 2000s alt-rock and 2000s alt-pop. Further, the song is moody, as well as a little repetitive. It has some grunge flair, and is about missing the person you used to love.

Once again, Sophie Cates’ chorus says it best.“DJ, play my favorite song again / I’m on the freeway driving in my car again / I got my baby taking off my cardigan / I love the way he made me fall in love again,”

Watch the music video for “Cardigan” below.


Thirdly, Sophie Cates’ “Girlfriend” slows the EP down. It brings in the acoustic guitar and the forlorn narrative. Cates sings about being the other person in an affair. Even more, she sings about having to deal with the person who keeps saying they’ll leave their partner but never follows through. The song is sad, painting the promises that give you hope, and the feelings you’re left with afterward. “You keep me in the wings until she needs a stand-in / Like I don’t know / Seen it so many times, I know all the lines / I’ll be ready to go / Yeah, when you need me, I’ll be ready to go,”

‘Basement Party’

Finally, “Basement Party” completely changes tracks. It throws listeners of Sophie Cates’ EP for a loop. The song has electronic chimes and bells, bass, glitch noises, and vocal distortions. Suffice to say, “Basement Party” is heavily EDM in its production. With Sophie Cates’ falsetto voice in several parts, the song feels relaxed, airy, and attention-grabbing.

Without a doubt, the lyrics of “Basement Party” are much deeper. Sophie Cates sings about feeling disconnected from her friends, herself, and the world in general. “I watched a stranger kiss a girl on a train / And I don’t wanna be alone no more / I take a pill that makes me feel like I’m saved / And I don’t feel like I’m a kid no more,”

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