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Sofi Tukker Return With The Sensual “Kakee”

Sofi Tukker "Kakee" single cover Sofi Tukker is the electronic music duo reigning from New York.  Originally meeting at an art exhibit that they were separately playing music at, the two have since gone on to release their Grammy-nominated debut album Treehouse.  Nearly four years later, the two, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, are reeling in their Freak Fam for the release of their second studio album WET TENNIS.  Of which is an acronym for “Everyone Tries to Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe.”

Sofi Tukker Are Releasing An Album “Influenced” By Their Community

“We’re building WET TENNIS around this concept of flipping tennis on its head and turning it from something that’s of a very exclusive, country club-like vibe into something super bright and colorful,” says Sofi Tukker on the concept behind the vibrant album.  “It was made during a tough time and we were really inspired and influenced by the community that built around our daily live streams,” they say about the diverse crowd that excitedly follows the group and the inspiration they have on the project.

“Kakee” Is Juicy and Hot

Their latest single “Kakee” perfectly fits the colorful energy they talk about in the album.  The song opens with beachy guitar chords before going right into Sophie’s suave Portuguese lyrics.  The singer says she learned to sing in the language because of its beautiful tone.  The meaning behind the song has to do with persimmons.  “Kakee” is the Portuguese word for the juicy tomato-like fruit – at least most think it is a fruit.  They use this as a metaphor for femme empowerment and the ambiguity of gender.

The short track clocks in at only 1:45 and definitely leaves you wanting more.  Visually, Sofi Tukker make a rainbow-bright video for the song.  They say, “The experience of being in Kualoa Park in Hawaii was… awe. Being in that environment is so inspiring, and really gives us a sense of our beautiful insignificance.”

Sofi Tukker’s second studio album is out April 29th.

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