slowthai Releases New Album “UGLY”

Album cover for sloth's new release "UGLY"

British rapper, slowthai otherwise known as Tyron Kaymone Frampton, released his third album “UGLY” on March 3rd. Despite the name, “UGLY” is described by the artist as an album of love. This 12 track album is around 39 minutes long, and already three of the racks have reached slowthai’s most popular.

At a time when i hated myself, creating this album saved me and taught me how to love myself.


Quote from slowthai’s Instagram announcement for his newly released album.

“UGLY” Goes on Tour

Shortly after announcing the release date, slowthai announced that “UGLY” will be going on a world tour. Beginning September 20th, Europe is going to be able to celebrate the album live. Tickets went on sale Friday, March 3rd and are still available!

The current set tour dates are down below:

  • Glasgow, UK
  • Manchester, UK
  • London, UK
  • Birmingham, UK
  • Paris, FR
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Berlin, DE
  • Brussels, BE

And if that wasn’t enough, get this. In the comments for the Instagram post announcing the tour, he said “…tell me where in the world i should add to part 2️⃣ announcement x” So there are possibly more dates and places where we can see slowthai perform live. Just as we think the generosity ends here, slowthai announced that he’s doing a pop-up performance celebrating “UGLY” and it’s release. From March 4th to March 5th, Tyron celebrated with fans in London and sold his merchandise.

slowthai Wrote This for the Uglies

All albums have a message and a target audience. Some are more subtle than others. slowthai has not been one to shy away from telling us exactly what he wants this album to say and feel.

Screenshot from slowthai's Twitter post for his new album "UGLY"

Stream the album on Spotify HERE!!

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