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“SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID”: Joshua Bassett’s World Beyond Prejudices

Joshua Bassett is more than a teen idol, and “SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID” is the proof of this. The new single, released on the 14th of October, is one of the two extracts (the other one is Would You Love Me Now?) of his upcoming first album.

Seeking for fortune

Joshua, who is more known for the role of Ricky Bowen in the tv series “High School Musical: The Musical,” has always carried on acting and singing at the same time since he was eight years old, with all kinds of musical productions. Originally from the beach town, Oceanside (California) which is in Northern San Diego. In 2016 he moved to LA searching for fortune in both his careers. But Joshua has everything. He can sing, he has a good face (which we all know is always a plus, even though it shouldn’t be) and he plays four instruments such as guitar, piano, bass guitar and ukulele. And thanks to his acting career, he’s starting to expand his music to the whole world.

The improvement after the first projects

Two years after the first official single Common Sense, it seems that besides being closer and closer to his dream, Joshua is also more aware of himself and his qualities. SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID is a really good product, something I would listen to at every moment of my day. And, honestly, I’m not even a big fan of High School Musical. Joshua is intimate and pop in the same way, he sounds like an improved version of a talented upcomer singer. The song has a funky and retrò rhythm but with Joshua’s fresh attitude this changes the perspective of it. It can be appreciated from the first listen.

I have to be honest, when I knew I had to cover the last drop of Joshua Bassett I had prejudices, thinking it was just kids music. But actually it’s not, not at all. And I have to apologize. The least I can do is advise you to listen to “SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID,” I’ll make sure you will change your mind as I did.

Chapeau to Joshua Bassett, who at 21 is giving his best to achieve his dreams. Whether it’s singing, acting or whatever he’ll decide to do in the future. Music is not for everyone, but this kid really knows how to make it good. 

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