Shawn Mendes Comes Back With New Album “Wonder”

“Wonder” Is Released December 4th

Shawn Mendes never fails to impress when it comes to new music. Shawn Mendes: The Album, the singer’s previous album, came out in May 2018. Over two years later, Wonder is a piece of work completely different from Shawn’s previous ones, but still with the classic Shawn Mendes style.

Shawn Mendes Wonder Album Cover
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How Camila Cabello inspired Wonder

When people think of Shawn Mendes, they think of heartfelt songs. This time, Camila Cabello was Shawn’s main inspiration to write this album. He certainly didn’t hold back from expressing his feelings to her.

Although we can see Camila and Shawn’s love story throughout all songs in the album, in “Always been you” Shawn expresses how he’s been in love with her for years and he always knew it. “You’re the only one that my heart keeps coming back to” reveals the singer.

“Teach me how to love” brings along people to accompany Shawn in a choir. We were able to see him recording this song in his In Wonder Netflix documentary, and listening to the full studio version makes you want to sing along with it.

Different Styles for a Different Album

This album has everything from relaxing songs to upbeat songs to sad songs. Some of them make you think that you’re about to listen to a ballad. When you least expect it, the tempo changes to a faster one. “Wonder” was Shawn’s first single off the album, which already has over 135 million streams on Spotify.“Higher” is an upbeat, EDM-like song that makes you want to dance. “24 hours” is a peaceful melody played with piano.

He had also previously released his song with fellow singer Justin Bieber, “Monster.” This song currently has 56 million streams on Spotify, after only two weeks of its release.

The Perfect Way to end Wonder

After a couple more danceable and also relaxing songs, Shawn closes up the album with “Can’t imagine.” This song fits the storyline of the album perfectly as we can listen to Shawn singing only with a guitar playing in the background. He finishes the song by saying “Cool, that’s good for now.” and that’s the end of the album.

Wonder is an excellent piece of work that really deserves to give a listen to. There are distinct songs in this album that fits all different kinds of moods and are relatable too.


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